Frequently Asked questions in F1 Visa Interview for usa

Frequently Asked questions in F1 Visa Interview for usa

Frequently Asked questions in F1 Visa Interview for usa

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Note: Nothing is allowed inside the Visa Application Center except your documents.

No bags, no metal objects, no cell phones. They have provision to deposit your baggage in case you are travelling in from a different city.

Please carry Rs. 400 with you, in your folder/pockets, if you wish to avail their shuttle service for your VI.

You have to wait outside the gate in line in the heat/rain until they call you in. Brace yourselves.

Once inside, they frisk you, then they scan the barcode on your DS-160, verify your name against the passport and visa appointment confirmation.

[themify_box style=”black highlight”](In case your passport name and the name on your application don’t match, you’ll have to change it asap. Within the same complex, they have an internet facility. You will only be let through once this process is complete, so make sure to fill this information accurately while booking your Visa Appointment.)[/themify_box]


Then you’re let into the Waiting Area, given a token number and called. They will at take a photograph (with a camera) and prints of left hand, right hand and thumb impressions. And paste a sticker at the back of your passport which has D S-160 bar code.

Go to the specified area and sit. They will guide you. Mean while,  you can have a talk with other students there. You will be guided to move to the counter when your turn is nearing. There will be a few others being interviewed right before you. So that might take another few minutes. You will see them being approved or rejected. When your turn comes, the officer asks you to come forward. Move to the counter and smile, greet the V O.

Be calm and confident. Maintain a good eye contact with the Visa Officer.

[themify_box style=”gray announcement”]The frequently asked F1 Visa Interview questions are (along with possible answers)[/themify_box]

How many Universities did you apply for?

Ans) Tell him the total number of universities you applied for

Which Universities (both admits and rejects) did you apply to?

Ans) Tell him that I got admits?rejects from so many X number of Universities

Which Universities accepted you?

Ans) Name the Universities which sent you admits

Why did you Choose a specific universities?

Ans) Mention the rank of University and special facts like course works

Why do you want to Study in the USA?

Ans) Because of it’s world class infrastructure and highly research oriented curriculum system.

Where did you do your Bachelor’s degree from?

Ans)  Name your University and the city it is located in

What is your Undergraduate GPA/Percentage?

Ans) Tell the final GPA % you got after completing degree

Can you mention the names of some Professors?

Ans) Mention the names of professors you know from the applied University

Have you ever been to the U.S.A Before?

Ans) Yes/No. If yes, say why you had been there.


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How can you assure to come back after your studies?

Ans) Tell about your plans after Masters and about look after parents after you get the job.

Could you please show me your GRE/TOEFL score card?

Ans)  Sure. (Give him your score cards)

What will you do after completing MS / What are your plans after graduation?

Ans)  Tell him about your plans after Masters.

Do you know anyone (in USA) or in your university?

Ans) No. Say yes only if you have very close connections like siblings or parents.

What do you plan to study at the University?

Ans) Mention your ciurse name and major subjects

What will you do if your visa is rejected?

Ans) I will work on my profile and work more on the rejection clause given

Will you come back to home during summers?

Frequently Asked questions in F1 Visa Interview for usa

Frequently Asked questions in F1 Visa Interview for usa

Ans) Say yes. If you are doing internships, tell that.

What will you do after coming back to home?

Ans) Find a suitable job in my field of graduation/ work in a startup

Did you receive any scholarship?

Ans)  Yes/No Mention the Amount.

Have you received any loans?

Ans) Say yes if received. Mention the amount and source

Do you have any relatives in U.S.A?

Ans) Say yes only for close family members. Else say NO

Who is sponsoring you?

Ans) Father/ Mother/ spouse/ Elder sibling/Self funding

What does your father do?

Ans) Mention the work, position

What is your father’s annual income? Does he pay income tax?

Ans) Mention the income. Yes

How many brothers and sisters do you have?

Ans) So and So N number E.g I have 1 elder brother and 2 younger sisters

Are your parents retired? If yes, how will they pay for your education expenses?

Ans) Pension/F.d/Savings/ Liquid cash

Could you please show me the passbook or bank statements?

Ans) Show

Where did your brother/parents complete their studies?

Ans) Mention there education details like degree and name of the college 

How will you finance your education funds for 2 years or 3 years? (Generally you have to prove that you can fund the first year of your education, but Isuggest that you be prepared with this answer).  

Ans) Savings and Property

Do you have a brother / sister, or any other relative already at this university?

Ans) Say yes only if it is your own sibling or very close cousin.

What is your specialization?

Ans) Mention

How will your study in the U.S be helpful to your home country after you come back?

Ans) Application of technology learnt in to so and so.

Why only US?

Ans) Because of it’s nature of course work based on less theory and more practical.

Why only this University?

Ans) University rank and facilities.

Tell me about your specialization?

Ans) Explain briefly about your specialization.


When will you come back to India?

Ans) After the completion of Masters in 2 or 3 years

What are the future prospects of your specialization in India?

Ans) Mention

Tell me the climatic conditions at the place you are going to

Ans) (Do the research and be ready) Humid/cold/warm 

How many backlogs you have?

Ans) No/XX backlogs

How did dad deposit this money in a single day?

Ans) Sold a property or deposited an FD amount

Can you show me the property documents?

Ans) show


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Why did you score low in your academics?

Ans) Explain with a valid reason

When did you graduate from your college?

Ans) Mention the year

Do you have any experience?

Ans) Mention

What is your Pay Scale?

Ans) Tell

What are your Job Responsibilities?

Ans) Explain

Which Company do you work for ?

Ans) XX 

How long have you been working for this Company?

Ans) X years or Y months

What is your designation?

Ans) Position at work

Can you tell me the name of your supervisor?

Ans) Tell

When is your Relieving Date?

Ans) Mention

Why are you trying to change your field?

Ans) Give the reason

What is your Team Size?

Ans) Number of members

What is your role in your team?

Ans) Mention

Can you show me your Experience Certificate?

Ans) Show

Not all questions mentioned above will be asked. It’s just a 2 or 3 minutes Interview at max. Just keep calm and composed. Look into the eyes of your interviewer. Be frank and honest about everything. Don’t fumble. And I will come up with another useful blog soon.



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